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My experience with corporate health insurance

Posted in health insurance by kishosingh on January 19, 2009

I will recommend everyone, don’t go with corporate insurance. I had a great experience about corporate health insurance especially. Recently, in my company ICICI came to give us health insurance for all the employees. They had not come; they had been called by our company without our information.

Suddenly a meeting has been called of our team to let us know about that health insurance. We were against that insurance however we had to listen that lecture which was on health insurance by an agent who was from ICICI Lombard.

The lecture was for the corporate health insurance. According to health insurance an employee will get insurance if he get accident or in the condition of bad health. It was only for 1 year it means it was on early basis. For a year we had to pay 1328. It was already deduced by account department from our salaries without any information.

It was very illegal and absurd way of our company towards employees. Most of the employees were against of the insurance however they are not on the front. All were informed by HR that it is the rule for all. The rule was new and by the management.

Calling department did not participate in that lecture of health insurance and told directly that return our money else we will leave our job. We also forced to our manger to return our health insurance money we are not interested but he was very coward. So, we had to fight alone with HR department to get our money.

That was not actually health insurance that was the way to get money by employees for company. They were needed for commission on the basis of our money.

It was my greatest experience about corporate health insurance during the job. By the insurance we were not eligible in condition of leaving the company. We were not able also in the condition of major serious accident.

I saw how a corporate companies with the collaboration of corporate insurance, exploit their employees.


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  1. Sandeep said, on January 21, 2009 at 7:26 am

    Hey.. this is sad…your company could have handled it in a much better way… but isn’t the health insurance just a way of restructuring your package such that you get better tax benefits and benefit from the health coverage also? I personally feel that having a corporate heath insurance is a great thing. its like hitting two birds with one stone!! 🙂 And kishor, the corporate health policy is usually for a year.. when your policy will near expiry next year, it would be renewed… these corporate policies are usually custom made as per the needs of the organization. I too have a health plan by my employer from ICICI Lombard… Do you have the floater benefit? I have it.. and its great… basically, my entire family is covered under one policy for the entire amount. Like, i have a policy for 5 lakhs.. so my wife and kids, anyone can use upto 5 lakhs in the year… next year, again i will get a new policy for 5 lakhs.. or whatever my employer decides!!!

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