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Reliance Mutual Fund Introduces Fixed Maturity Plan

Posted in Mutual Funds by kishosingh on April 14, 2010

Recently, Reliance Mutual Fund unveiled fixed maturity plan. The news came in light through ET online news paper.

The online news portal,, writes about the fixed maturity plan of Reliance Mutual Fund, “Reliance Mutual Fund has come up with a fixed maturity plan —Fixed Horizon Fund – XIV – Series 9. As per the scheme information docu-ment, the primary investment objective is to generate regular returns and growth of capital by investing in central and state government se-curities and other fixed income or debt securities, normally maturing in line with the scheme’s maturity, with the objective of limiting in-terest rate volatility.”

So, the Mutual Fund has come with a fixed maturity plan. It belongs to a series of Fixed Horizon Fund – XIV – Series 9. Reliance Mutual Fund will generate regular returns and growth of capital by fixed maturity plan investing in central and state government securities and other fixed income.

The statement makes the objective of fixed maturity plan very clear. With the fixed maturity plan, Reliance Mutual Fund will try to generate fixed money investing capital in government sectors.

Reliance Mutual Fund unveils fixed maturity plan for a limited period. About the period, ET writes, “The close-ended scheme, which opened for sub-scription from April 7, 2010, will close on April 15, 2010. The mini-mum subscription amount for the scheme is Rs 5,000.”

So, Reliance Mutual Funds offer the fixed maturity plan for just a month only. Subscriber can buy it between the date periods. A subscriber can invest a minimum amount of fund also that is Rs. 5,000 in this scheme.

Reliance Mutual Funds has made the fixed maturity plan very comfortable with Rs. 5,000. The scheme has been launched broadly to attract almost all classes of people.

We already have seen the performance of Reliance Life with Highest NAV Guarantee plan. Now, Reliance Mutual Funds tries to collect some huge money from market by fixed maturity plan.