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Life Insurance Simulator Launched by Canara HSBC OBC

Posted in life insurance by kishosingh on August 7, 2011

Recently, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce launched Life Insurance Simulator (LIS). The policy is aimed to make the customer make aware of importance of financial planning.

An online news portal – about business and economy writes about Life Insurance Simulator, “LIS is an interactive financial need assessment software that takes the customer through a series of simple steps to assess the amount he requires for each of his needs and if his current savings and investments are adequate to fulfill them. LIS is available in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada.”

So, Life Insurance Simulator of Canara HSBC OBC is being recognized as the interactive financial need assessment software. It assesses the amount of requirement for each need of customers. The LIS is available in many languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi and Kannada.

Further it quotes a statement of Rishi Mathur who is the company’s Senior VP (Products and Marketing), “LIS has been designed with an objective to educate the customers about the importance of financial planning. It will also help them in making their financial planning more effective as it focuses on four essential life stages – family protection, child’s future requirements, wealth creation and retirement.”

So, Life Insurance Simulator has been introduced to understand the objective and educate the customers about the importance of financial planning. It helps in financial planning in different stages of life.

About the company, the news portal writes, “Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited was launched in June, 2008 and is jointly owned by Canara Bank (holding 51 per cent), Oriental Bank of Commerce (23 per cent) and HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited (26 per cent). The company has a capital base of Rs 825 crore with assets under management of Rs 2,820 crore.”

Canara HSBC OBC has already launched Life Insurance Future Smart ULIP. Life Insurance Simulator (LIS) is the send most appreciating plan of Canara HSBC OBC.


College Plan Launched by Max New York Life

Posted in life insurance by kishosingh on February 23, 2011

Recently, Max New York Life launched a traditional money back plan – College Plan. The plan offers bonuses and pays the money back to policyholder at pre-defined stages of the child’s life.

An online news portal about business and economy –, writes about the money back structure of Max New York Life College Plan, “The plan offers guaranteed money back aligned towards your child’s college education. The plan is structured in such a way that the premium payment term is completed during the school days and money-back stage starts at the age of 18, 19, 20 and 21 as the need is the highest at these stages. The insurer will pay back 40% of the sum assured when the child reaches 18 years and 21 years. It will pay the rest (20% of the sum assured) in the middle years of 19 and 20. The insurer’s logic is that the expenses are the highest during the first and the last year of college.”

Further the news portal writes about the reversionary and terminal bonus, “The product is bundled with dual bonuses – reversionary bonus and terminal bonus. Reversionary bonuses are declared every year from the end of the second year onwards. Usually these bonuses, which are compounded, are a certain percentage of the sum assured, which is decided by the insurer. The insurer may also declare a terminal bonus after the 10th policy anniversary as a percentage of reversionary bonuses. But this bonus is payable only once during the policy lifetime.”

The news portal gives an analytical calculation of Max New York Life College Plan, “Let us assume a 35-year-old father buys this plan for a sum assured of Rs 1 lakh for his five-year-old daughter. The base premium works to Rs 9,067 as per the company’s premium table. But since the insurance is on the child’s name, the father has to opt for the rider which gives him an insurance cover and the cost works to Rs 335.88. Further, the company has specified a formula to calculate the premium, which includes an addition of Rs 900 to the base premium. After factoring in all the charges, the premium works to Rs 10,302. Given the child is five-years old, the premium payment term works to 13 years and the total premium outgo for a Rs-1 lakh policy works to around Rs 1,33,937 lakh. Sure, there is a guaranteed pay out of 120% of sum assured. Still, it is an expensive affair.”

So, it is being considered as an expensive affair. In this plan, parents cover has to be bought at an extra cost. It is launched after Traditional Investment Plan with Guaranteed Return by Reliance Life.

Met Protect Online Insurance Product Launched by MetLife

Posted in life insurance by kishosingh on October 14, 2010

MetLife India, a private sector insurer launched a product – Met Protect. It is the first such life cover plan by the company to be available online.

MetLife said in a statement, “Met Protect would allow customers within the age group of 21-45 years to avail of life cover protection through the Internet.” It was published in ET.

So, Met Protect would be available for age group of 21-45 years. It will cover life protection through the internet.

An online news portal – about business and economy, quotes a statement of MetLife Managing Director Rajesh Relan, “By launching Met Protect, we are taking yet another step to reach our customers and empower them to self-design their protection plan with least effort and time.”

So, the company has tried to reach its customers and empower them with least effort and time – Met Protect.

Further he said, “This is part of our larger strategy towards increasing our distribution reach and enabling us to maximize the benefits in order to provide value to the customers.”

Met Protect will be a part of MetLife’s larger strategy to maximize the benefits in order to provide value to the customers.

The news portal writes about Met Protect and MetLife, “Met Protect would offer customers single and semi-annual premium payment option, the first of its kind amongst all the term products available online.

MetLife currently has over 55,000 financial advisers and bank assurance distribution channel offering products to 17 million customers.

MetLife India is a joint venture between the US-based MetLife International Holdings, The Jammu and Kashmir Bank, M Pallonji and other private investors.”

Met Protect of MetLife comes with single and semi-annual premium payment option. MetLife India is a joint venture between the US-based MetLife International Holdings.

MetLife has introduced Met Protect which is one of the best products of the company after 3 new products of Aviva Life Insurance.

3 New Products Launched by Aviva Life Insurance

Posted in life insurance by kishosingh on September 4, 2010

Recently, Aviva Life Insurance launched 3 new products including two unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs). These plans are – Aviva Freedom Life Advantage, Aviva Life Saver Advantage and Aviva Life Shield Advantage.

An online news portal about business and economy – writes about it, “As per the new IRDA guidelines, the commission paid to distributors and expenses charged by insurers will no longer be front-loaded and will be distributed over the lock-in period of the schemes, which has been raised to five years from three years earlier.”

Now, there will no longer be front-loaded commission paid to distributors and expenses charged by insurers as per the IRDA guidelines.

As per the company press release, “The two ULIP plans – Aviva Freedom Life Advantage, Aviva Life Saver Advantage – offer enhanced value to the customers and meet the new ULIP guidelines.”

So, there are two ULIP plans – Aviva Freedom Life Advantage and Aviva Life Saver Advantage that offer enhanced value to the customers and these are compatible with new ULIP guidelines also.

Further the press release writes, “Besides, a term plan – Aviva Life Shield Advantage – offers a return on the premium, with optional protection against disease and disability.”

There is a term plan also – Aviva Life Shield Advantage that offers a return on the premium. It has an optional protection also against disease and disability.

In the conclusion, the news portal writes, “Aviva Life Insurance is a joint venture between Dabur Group and UK-based Aviva Group. Dabur Group is the 74 per cent shareholder, while Aviva Group holds 26 per cent.”

Aviva Group is an emerging group in life insurance sector. It has gained 26% share with Dabur Group. The UK based group tries to cover Indian insurance sector also offering the best ULIP plans and term plans.

Reliance Life Launched Traditional Investment Plan with Guaranteed Return

Posted in insurance by kishosingh on May 29, 2010

ADAG group company Reliance Life Insurance announced to launch a traditional investment plan. The plan provides life protection and regular savings with annual guaranteed investment returns.

About the insurance plan, an online news portal about business and economy quotes a statement of Life Insurance President Malay Ghosh, “The Reliance Life Traditional Investment Insurance Plan combines life protection and regular savings with complete transparency and flexibility features and advance guaranteed returns.”

So, the Reliance Life Traditional Investment Insurance Plan offers life protection and regular savings. The insurance plan has complete clarity and flexibility with advanced guaranteed returns.

Further the news portal quotes his statement about the plan, “The new scheme is a regular premium plan offering guaranteed investment returns, which are declared at the beginning of every financial year during the product term.”

Further the news portal writes about the availability of the plan, “The plan is available to children aged less than 30 days and senior citizens aged up to 70 years, with monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly payment options available.”

So, the plan is available for almost all age group of customers. It has flexibility of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly payment option.

The news portal adds about the maturity and cover of the plan also, “Besides the maturity and tax benefits, the plan also offers a health-related cover, which will pay a lumpsum to the customer for as many as 33 specific surgeries including Open Heart, Kidney Transplant, and 25 critical conditions, respectively. These riders can be added by paying an additional premium.”

You can get the benefits of health-related cover also paying a lumpsum with this insurance plan.

In the series of fund investment, Reliance Mutual Fund already has launched fixed maturity plan. DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Dhan Suraksha policy is also one of the best policies like Reliance Life Traditional Investment Plan with Guaranteed Return.

SEBI has banned 14 life insurance companies from issuing ULIP

Posted in life insurance by kishosingh on April 11, 2010

Recently, market regulator SEBI banned 14 life insurance companies from issuing ULIP. ET writes about those companies who have been banned by SEBI, “The 14 companies mentioned in this order include; Aegon Religare, Aviva, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Bharti AXA, Birla Sun Life, HDFC Standard Life, ICICI Prudential, ING Vyasa Life, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life, Max New York Life, Metlife India, Reliance Life, SBI Life, TATA AIG Life.”

J Harinarayan who is the chairman of IRDA said, “After due consultation with the members of the consultative committee all the 14 insurance companies which are mentioned in the order of Sebi are directed to note that notwithstanding the said order of the Sebi, they shall continue to carry out insurance business as usual including offering, marketing and servicing ULIPs in accordance with the Insurance Act 1938.”

The statement was published in, an online news portal about economy and business.

Further the news portal quotes another statement of IRDA, “The IRDA Act `99 is specifically enacted to provide for an authority to protect the interests of holders of insurance policies, to regulate, promote and ensure the orderly growth of the insurance industry.”

In an analysis the news portal quotes some data of IRDA, “Sebi’s order has more far reaching implications than a press release or a circular. Since the order has been issued under Section 34(i) (a) and (b) of the insurance Act. IRDA has said that in the year `08-09 ULIP policies involving a total premium of Rs 90,645 cr were in force. In fiscal `09-10 upto February 16.7 lakh policies have been sold with a premium of Rs 44,611crores.”

Now, the whole things are very clear from the above mentioned data. It is nothing but regulatory battle in insurance segment of India. It is the biggest news in life insurance segments for insurance companies just like M&A guidelines for insurance companies.

Wealth Plus Insurance Policy from LIC

Posted in life insurance by kishosingh on March 16, 2010

Wealth Plus is a new offering of LIC. It is an 8-year fixed-term product. In this plan, LIC guarantees the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) recorded over the first seven years of the policy.

According to the, an online news portal, “Wealth Plus has two options — a single premium one and another plan where premium is payable for the first three years. The minimum annual premium is Rs 40,000 under the single premium option and Rs 20,000 under the 3-year premium paying term. The sum insured is a modest 1.25X the premium for single premium policies and 5X the annualised premium for policies with a 3-year payment term. The insurance cover continues for two years after the term of the policy.”

About the policy LIC states an example – “a 30-year old who invests a single premium of Rs 40,000 can look forward to getting back Rs 64,679 if the fund value appreciates 10% annually. If the appreciation is 6%, he can expect to get back Rs 47,377 at the end of eight years. On the other hand, if the same investor chooses to invest Rs 20,000 for the first three years, he can look forward to getting Rs 91,445 if the fund appreciates 10% and Rs 70,309 if the appreciation is 6%.”

In an analysis, the news portal writes, “In short, the working behind such products is that the highest NAV is assured by shifting assets to debt as timed by the fund manager. The downside is that the fund managers cannot allow spikes in the scheme’s NAV.”

Wealth Plus is the latest offering of Life Insurance Corporation. However, many other private life insurance companies have already launched the same plan in the insurance market.

Recently, Reliance has also launched highest NAV Guarantee Plan. We already have seen Guarantee Builder of Bharti AXA Life also. In this condition, Wealth Plus of LIC is only an insurance plan not a new plan.

Highest NAV Guarantee Plan is launched by Reliance Life

Posted in insurance by kishosingh on February 24, 2010

Recently, the popular news about NAV Guarantee Plan came in light for the insurance investor. “Reliance Highest Net Asset Value Guarantee Plan” is a new unit linked insurance plan of Anil Ambani Group firm Reliance Life Insurance that enables the policy-holder to enjoy good returns.

Malay Ghosh who is the Reliance Life Insurance president says, “The new plan simply captures and guarantees the upside of the market with no risk of negative return. The customers can take advantage of market-linked returns with the satisfaction of getting the highest NAV during the policy term, while protecting his wealth from any downturn in the market.” The statement was published in ET online news paper.

Further Economic Times writes, “The key differentiator is that the Net Asset Value (NAV) in this case is calculated on a daily basis for the entire policy term and not on any fixed dates of the month, the company said in a release.

Under this plan, the premium paid by the policyholder (minus charges) is invested in the ‘Highest NAV Guarantee Fund’ and accordingly units are allocated based on the fund NAV.

On maturity the plan guarantees the highest ever returns — number of units on date multiplied by highest NAV– to the customer.” which is another online news paper, writes about the plan, “The plan is available under two minimum payment options Regular options that allows customers to pay Rs 20,000 annually which can also be paid in monthly, quarterly and half yearly option; and the Single Premium wherein the customer pays a minimum of Rs 30,000 only once at the inception during the tenure of the policy.”

Overall, the policy gives the highest returns on lower investment. Essence of the plan is introducing highest returns with the guarantee on the lowest investment. Recently, new ULIP plan was also launched by ICICI Prudential Life that was very attractive for insurance investor.

New ULIP Plan Launched by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Posted in insurance by kishosingh on December 29, 2009

Recently, Prudential Life Insurance launched a new ULIP plan that is called ICICI Pru LifeTime Maxima. The insurance policy follows two different portfolio strategies – fixed and trigger portfolio. Fixed portfolio strategy provides an option to choose from any of the seven funds — Opportunities Fund, Blue-chip Fund, Multi-Cap Growth Fund, Multi-Cap Balanced Fund, Income Fund, Money Market Fund and Return Guarantee Fund.

On the other hand, trigger portfolio strategy is a market base portfolio to generate good funds from the market.

If you invest your money in trigger portfolio strategy then your investments will be distributed between two funds: Multi-Cap Growth Fund and Income Fund in 75:25 ratios. In this plan, fund manager maintains the asset allocation between the Multi-Cap Growth Fund and Income Fund at 75:25.

First year premium allocation charge is 7.5% in this investment. Second and 3rd year charge will be only 3% while it is 0% from the fourth year onwards. In this investment, fund management charge would depend upon the choice of funds between 0.75-1.35 percent.

Administration charge for the policy will be necessary for 1st five years in this plan that would be 0.8-0.9 per cent.

The policy offers some good features such as changing of portfolio strategy once a year free of cost, top-up option and partial withdrawals from the sixth year up to a maximum of 20 per cent.

You can withdraw minimum Rs 2,000. You can withdraw your funds in a systematic way yearly, half yearly, quarterly or a monthly basis on maturity. During the settlement period, you can withdraw your entire fund.

You should go in trigger portfolio strategy because it works in a volatile market. Your fund is managed by professional fund manager who understands the vagaries of the stock market.

The analysis is taken from Economic Times. It is nothing but an investment with a secure policy. Basically, it is the market policy. Recently, TATA AIG had also launched Life InvestAssure Superstar ULIP but it was not market based plan.

Tata AIG Launches Life InvestAssure Superstar ULIP

Posted in insurance by kishosingh on November 30, 2009

Recently, the biggest insurance company of private sector, TATA AIG launches life InvestAssure Superstar ULIP plan. ULIP is known as Unit-Linked Life Insurance Plan. The plan is dedicated to the children’s education. The plan is known as InvestAssure Superstar.

InvestAssure Superstar will pay the sum assured to the nominee in case of the parent’s or proposer’s demise unfortunately. In this case, the further premium will be paid by the company through the inbuilt Waiver of Premium. WOP pays the premium among other benefits also.

The claim fund will grow under the policy and would continue till maturity. This statement is proposed by the company, TATA AIG in an official statement.

The plan offers another benefit of investors Systematic Money Allocation and Regular Transfer. SMART of the plan will give a solution for managing investment.

SMART will give a path of choice for an investor of simple switching of a part of the customer’s investment from the accumulation to the target fund.

You can enjoy with Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Superstar’s flexible policy term which will be between 10-25 years.

Anyone can buy the policy whose age is between 18-55 years. The maximum maturity age for Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Superstar is 65 years.

Tata AIG launches Life InvestAssure Superstar which gives the maximum security in the plan about the maturity and premium. The child ULIP plan is better for any person because of WOP. The plan gives an investment opportunity also by SMART features.

Tata AIG launches Life InvestAssure Superstar that will create the biggest competition with HDFC children’s Plan. In the insurance market, it is the best plan by TATA AIG for Indian people.

In Indian insurance market, Apollo DKV health plan was the best. Apollo DKV had been launched recently as the health insurance plan. So, the both plans- Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Superstar and Apollo DKV health plan are the best plan for Indian customers.